Why us?

We are the only Spanish language school in Costa Rica in where ALL the teachers have Master´s degree and/or University degree in Spanish for foreigners and have taught Spanish as a foreing language for more than 5 years! Why this is important? Because you need spend less time with us but learn as much Spanish as you would elsewhere in double the time (and cost).

Is there a better way to learn a language than to live it? IS Costa Rica doesn't think so, that is the reason why all of our quality educational programs have been designed to meet students' needs and interests and are based on a dynamic and communicative approach that will not only help the students become proficient in a language but also will give them the tools to succeed at a global level.

IS Costa Rica takes the language learning process outside the classroom, by offering the students a wide variety of fun and interesting activities and a quality homestay program that will allow the students to take their learning experience to another level, learning in the "real world". Another aspect of IS Costa Rica learning experience is to offer students a wide variety of programs that will help the students to learn based on their interests, in a friendly environment, surrounded by students from all over the world.

Since 1986 we have helped thousands of students from all over the world to learn Spanish and fulfill their dreams. All of us, IS teachers and IS staff are looking forward to receiving you at one of our schools to be at your side in this great life experience, "learning a language abroad".

Top 10 reasons students liked our Spanish school in Costa Rica:

Small Groups

Classes are small and multinational, with an average of only 5 students. This enables our teachers to focus on your individual aims and interests to help you improve your Spanish in a way which is relevant to you.

Multiple cities/6 locations!

ONLY SCHOOL IN COSTA RICA WITH 6 LOCATIONS!. Students can choose a big city like San Jose de Costa Rica, or small towns with nice beaches like Tamarindo, Jaco, Samara and Nosara. You also have the option to combine our locations, knowing more places and different regions of Costa Rica!

High-Quality Teaching

We keep our teaching team up to date with the latest ideas in Spanish language teaching in a number of ways. We have staff meetings every week, and training sessions (see further information about our teachers) when we introduce new ideas and techniques as well as discuss the particular needs of students who might be having problems, and plan for the future. To have regular meetings like this is unusual in a language school, but we believe it is the only way we can maintain the proper level of professionalism and care.

Excellent Accommodation Options

We offer accommodation at homestay and Students Residences located very close to the school in the best neighborhoods of the city. Students mainly choose homestay because it is the perfect way to learn a new language and meet local people, practicing your Spanish 24 hours a day. You can start your accommodation any day of the week or weekend, all over the year.

Very complete Activities program and weekend excursions

Dozens of different activities after classes and also weekend excursions. To help students explore the fascinating Costa Rica while practicing Spanish, we arrange guided afternoon excursion. We also organize a number of activities for Spanish students and teachers, including happy hours, movie screenings, tango lessons, and more.


Accredited and recommended by several organizations to guarantee quality. Specially dedicated to teach Spanish as a foreign language since 1986. Our internationally recognized quality assurance scheme is comprehensive, rigorous and covers the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration.

Nationality Mix

We are really proud to have students from around 35 countries! This is a great opportunity to get to know people from different cultures and make your stay at IS Costa Rica a truly unforgettable experience!


The best Prices

We promise the best, cost-effective program. We are the only local language school in where all the teachers hold a University and Masters degree, either in Literature or Education. This is this important because you need spend less time with us but learn as much Spanish as you would elsewhere.

Innovative Approach

We use an innovative, communicative approach to teaching. Lessons are fun and interactive with a high level of student involvement. As well as using stimulating and contemporary materials, we employ a variety of different methodologies. We believe that a warm and friendly environment is essential for effective learning and our commitment to high standards of achievement ensures that your time at the school is a rewarding experience.

Individual Assessment

You will be individually assessed both on arrival and throughout the course. We give you a written and oral test on your first day and monitor your progress regularly. If you have achieved satisfactory attendance (85%+), you receive a certificate and a report signed by Academic Management at the end of your stay. These are very useful tools to show employers when looking for a new job.