1st Class Teaching Professionals

Teacher Selection Process

Our teacher selection process is an extensive 4 stage process. Once we have checked qualifications and references, we invite the candidate to sit the IS Spanish Teaching Methodology Exam at one of our campuses. If the candidate is successful at this stage, the Director of Studies carries out an interview and arranges a time for a 2 hour trial teaching class. The Director of Studies observes the class and invites successful candidates to join the IS teaching team.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control in the Classroom

We are proud of the first-class caliber of our teaching team. At IS Costa Rica we are careful to choose career teachers who are passionate about the classroom and ensuring our students receive the best possible education. Our teacher induction process means that new teachers are supported through their initial months at IS Costa Rica and are correctly trained in how we like our classes to be delivered at IS Costa Rica. The Director of Studies conducts regular teaching observations and feedback sessions with our teachers, as well as providing a supportive and collegial atmosphere in which ISs and good practices can be shared. Teachers are also encouraged to observe their peers and at these times, the Director of Studies steps in to deliver their class so they are then able to visit other classrooms. Our teaching team's records are regularly audited to ensure consistency of experience, as well as student feedback.

Professional Development Workshops

IS Costa Rica holds professional development workshops for their teaching team. Teachers are encouraged to suggest areas in which they would like development. These requests are then followed up by the Director of Studies or the Senior Teaching Team in interactive workshops designed to ensure our teachers are always on the cutting edge of teaching practice. This attention and commitment to continuous learning sets our teachers apart, as we are never too old or too knowledgeable to consider new ways of motivating our students and helping them achieve success.

The IS Teaching Style

Our philosophy is that for every hour that the student spends in class, they should be able to identify clear learning outcomes. Our teaching team is responsible for providing this focused learning environment. However, clear class focuses don't mean dull classes! At IS Costa Rica, we want to bring the language and learning alive. We want to motivate, inspire, enthuse, and empower students to achieve rapid progress in the Spanish language. We prefer our classes to be hands-on, communicative and interactive.

Teaching Resources

TV, internet, video and audio. This provides us with the perfect environment to maximize student interest. Vocabulary questions can be efficiently handled by a quick image search. Student interest can be captured by a quick youtube video. Different accents can be simply and efficiently integrated into the syllabus. Editable interactive word documents on screen allow students and teachers to build language together. Photo blogs, movie shorts, live streaming and other technologies bring the classroom alive. We also house an extensive teacher resource library, constantly updated to allow for the latest in teaching resources to support our talented team.

Teacher Assessment of the Learner

We use a variety of assessment techniques to gauge student progress at IS Costa Rica. Assessing students is done both formally, using paper tests and speaking interviews, and informally, through monitoring of student participation and performance in class, in Accelerate and through homework tasks. As our teachers are masters of their craft, we trust them to measure student progress and provide feedback to the students on areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Engaging the Learner

Every student learns differently, and at IS Costa Rica, we make sure we support these different learning styles. Whether you are a kinesthetic, visual or auditory learner, or a combination of all three, we provide a variety of tasks and a supportive learning environment to meet your learning needs. We also ensure we address your motivations and find ways to motivate you according to your situation or desired study goals.

The Role of our Director of Studies

The Director of Studies is at the centre of your learning experience at IS Costa Rica. They test you on your first day, place you in your classes, counsel you on your study plans and advise you on your academic progress throughout your study at IS Costa Rica. As a leading expert in this field, the Director of Studies ensures that the curricula and academic integrity of the school is first class and in line with the latest in teaching methodologies.