Our Students

Students of all ages study with us from around the world!

Many of our students are just taking a learning holiday and looking to improve their Spanish skills whilst enjoying the company of other international students, of the same age.

Others come to study Spanish for educational or business related reasons and are looking to prepare for language examinations or even study to become a language teacher. Whatever the reason, our students enjoy a truly international community at our schools in Costa Rica.

Our students come from all over the world and are in average aged between 18 and 65 years old. We have also an important number of older students, who mainly want to learn Spanish for professional reasons. However, due to the young, relaxed but motivating atmosphere, many students told us that after a course at our school they all feel years younger!

Country of origin:
USA: 21%
Canada: 16%
Australia: 14%
UK: 13%
Switzerland: 8%
Germany: 6%
France: 5%
Italy: 4%
Brazil: 4%
Japan: 3%
China: 2%
Others: 4%

By Age:
18 - 20 years old: 6%
21 - 30 years old: 42%
31 - 50 years old: 33%
> 50 years old: 19%