Homestay option is available at ALL our locations!









We think that an essential part of the immersion experience is the homestay. This is a very popular option and choosing to live with a host family is probably the best and most effective way to become fully immersed into the Spanish language and many cultures of Costa Rica. All our families are carefully selected and we try our best to ensure that high living standards are maintained, students have ample living space and live in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. We require all our host families to live within a reasonable distance of the school (some walking distance, and others with a maximum of 15 minutes by public transit) however due to the residential nature of the local area, many are located close by. All bed linens and pillows will be provided.

- Breakfast and dinner included

- Comfortable and large Private bedrooms (for couples we offer double rooms)

- Laundry Service included.

- It is a very independient way of lodging: you will receive the keys and you can go or come back at any time.

- Students are able to cook and use the home as if it were their own home. Anyway meals are provided.

- All host families are working with us since many years ago, all of them have been recommended by former students.

- The big majority have Internet Access.

- The family will treat you as a member of their family, and they will help you to speak more Spanish.


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Your host family will always do their best to engage you in daily conversation while making you feel as though you are in a "home away from home". Remember your host family will have different customs and habits than perhaps you are accustomed to and meals will be prepared according to local custom. However you are not obligated to eat all your meals with the family, just please notify them when you will not be returning to eat.

Our host families are diverse; they include young couples without children, couples with children (of all age groups) and older couples with grown children who are no longer living at home. We always make an effort to match students to a host family with common interests, for example, if you like children, we will try and place you with a family that has children. We cannot guarantee we can place all our students in the type of family they are looking for, however we make every effort. If you have any special requirements, you must tell us before you come, at the time of booking. Tell us if you need a special diet, have allergies or do not want to live with children or pets.

Staying in a family is a truly wonderful experience and many students make lifetime friends with their host family. You will be treated as a member of their family and free to come and go as you wish however you may be expected to obey house rules and you may not be allowed to have friends visit.

- The bedroom provided for our students will be a single room of a reasonable size.

- Our students never share a bedroom unless they have requested to do so with a friend or other person coming/booking with the student. They expect to have sole occupancy.

- The family will treat you as a member of their family, and they will help you to speak more Spanish.

- You will be given a front door key, so that you can come and go.

- Many but not all homestays have internet access.

Living with a local host-family is a great option for anyone wanting a complete immersion experience. In addition to improving your Spanish through increased immersion, you will also gain a unique insight into modern local family life and the culture and customs that go with it. As a foreign guest you will be taken in and treated as one of the family, and it is not uncommon for our students to form lasting friendships with their new family members. Each of our carefully screened families provides a level of comfort that is on par with what you would find in your home country. You will have your own private, fully furnished room. During your stay with a host-family you will find that local people are among the most hospitable in the world, and will go to great lengths to make you feel at home. Many families will organize weekend excursions and you will have a very special opportunity to learn about our culture firsthand as you are included in every aspect of their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Homestay:

1. What kind of family will I be living with?

- Warm and kind families are chosen to meet the needs of the students. Many have had years of experience catering to students by providing the comforts of home. These cozy and well maintained houses are within short distance of the school or have easy access to public transportation. In addition a house key is given so that the student has the freedom to come and go as they please. Breakfast and dinner are served daily along with weekly laundry service.

2. Will I have my own privacy?

- Yes, these homestay families are great about giving privacy to the students. You will have a key to the house, so you can come and go as you please.

3. What type of food will I be eating with my host family?

- You will be eating well-balanced and nutritious meals home-cooked by the family that includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and meat.

4. What if I have special needs or food requirements?

- If you are allergic to something, do not like certain types of foods or are a vegetarian, there is not a problem. Simply let us know prior to arriving and the proper accommodations will be made. Also, let the homestay family know as well.

5. Will someone pick me up from the airport when I arrive in Costa Rica?

- Airport pick-up is optional. Our driver will directly bring you to your host family. You can also choose to arrange your own transportation.  

6. Who will show me my way around San Jose?

- Your host family will take you on a tour of the city in one of the first days you arrive. They will show you how the taxi and bus systems work and how to get to and from school.

7. Do the families speak English?

- More often they speak broken English or there is one person in the family that speaks English. They are very patient and try to communicate with the student as much as possible. This is a great opportunity to practice what you have learned in class with the families. Total immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. Students who have lived with homestay families say that it has really helped to improve their speaking and listening skills.

8. What if I don't speak Spanish?

-This is not a problem. Our host families are very patient and accommodating when it comes to you learning Spanish. Homestay families are there to help you with your learning experience. The families are very outgoing and will try to communicate with you as much as possible. Have patience and you will soon be holding meaningful conversations with your host family!

9. Do the families have pets?

-Some families do have pets such as cats and dogs. If you do not like pets, make sure you let us know in advance, so that we can make the proper arrangements.

10. Do they have children?

- Usually there are teenagers or adults that live in the house. Again, let us know your preference ahead of time so that we can try to fit you with the right family.

11. Do they smoke or allow smokers?

- The families do not smoke, however they do allow the students to smoke outside of their houses.

12. Would I have my own private bathroom?

-You will have your own private bathroom. At times, if there is more than one student that lives with a family, then the students share a bathroom.

13. Shall I bring towels and bed linen?

- In San José and Tamarindo: you will get towels and bed linen from the family. In Jaco: bed linen will be provided by families and you have to bring towels only.

14. For Tamarindo: where are the host families located in Tamarindo?

- All our host families in Tamarindo are located in Villarreal and Santa Rosa (two residential boroughs, only 5 kilometers from the beach). During classes and in the mornings the school offers the transportation in shuttle bus from the borough to the school (Monday to Friday). It is included at no extra cost. The afternoon/evening transportation it is not included. During the afternoons/evenings students must take a transportation bus by their own. At the school you will have the information of the time and schedule of buses. The public bus costs less than 1 USdollar per person/travel. Students usually go to the school in the mornings for Spanish classes, then take a lunch, go to the beach, etc. In our school we have lockers to leave your clothes, books, your own things, etc. Also, in our Tamarindo school we have showers so after the afternoon at the beach students can take a shower in our school, and then take the bus to the host family. For students who prefer a walking distance accommodation in Tamarindo we recommend to book student residence.